In my personality, one does not escape.

The South African Lock extends his contract with the FCG.

You’ve just extended your contract. Until when ?

“I will be in Grenoble until 2020. It was easy for me to sign until this date, because the club has shown me its confidence, and I have confidence in this club. For me and my family, Grenoble is our home since we arrived in France. It would not have been easy to leave. ”

You had a difficult year with an injury that took you away from the field for 6 months. Was the club’s support during this period important?

“It was a painful year for me because of my ankle injury. The club has always been of great support, especially Theo, the physiotherapist, during my rehabilitation. I also went to Capbreton to be able to do a part of my rehabilitation. This shows that the club has tried different things so I can get back to the competition. ”

Will you also prepare your post-career with the club?

“It’s very important to me. I’m not old, I’m only 29, but since the birth of my son, it has become something even more important. I want to work with the club, especially through training. I have a lot of passion, so I’ll see what I’m going to do, but maybe it will be in the building, in the project direction, and so on. ”

The FCG could go down in Pro D2 at the end of the season. Is that something you’re worried about?

“I speak for myself, but I still think very strongly that we can stay in Top 14. Of course, in the head of everyone, we know that there is the possibility that the club descends into Pro D2. It would be a big challenge. In my personality, one does not escape. As I said, I love Grenoble, the city, people. This made it easy to stay and fight to get back in Top 14 if we were to go down in a few months. ”

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